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Ask the Right Question: The Malpractice Question — Friends of Michigan Midwives

Below is another cartoon in the Ask the Right Question series created for Friends of Michigan Midwives in early 2016. Whether midwives carry malpractice liability insurance is a frequent question of legislators. Michigan HB 4598, a bill to license Certified Professional Midwives, will receive a hearing in the Michigan Senate Health Policy committee on Tuesday, Nov. 29. It contains language that clarifies the legal relationship between midwife and physician, so that liability flows only to the person responsible for negligent care.

If you live in Michigan, or know someone who does, please make your way over to FoMM’s Facebook page for directions on how to help. Take note: If you are disheartened by the election, here’s a way to carry out five minutes of activism that can actually make a difference! 

[Updated July 16, 2016, to add copyright designation.]

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