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Bureau of Apologies: Melanie Trump

Not speaking

Another cartoon in the Bureau of Apologies series!


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Bureau of Apologies: Hillary Rodham Clinton

Half-baked apology

This cartoon introduces a new series, Bureau of Apologies. The series is a combination of wish fulfillment and distorted reality orientation for those of us who have spent way too much time staring past the newspaper and wondering if things might have been different if only …

After watching the media circus around Candidate Clinton during the last presidential election, we thought it might be a good idea to go back in time to correct an apology that completely missed the point of the original offense. It wasn’t about cookies, folks.


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If you need to refresh your memory of the Cookie Insult, you’ll find background in this 2015 Time Magazine article – which also includes the text surrounding the incendiary remark:

“The work that I have done as a professional, a public advocate, has been aimed…to assure that women can make the choices,” Clinton continued, “whether it’s full-time career, full-time motherhood or some combination.”

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Book feeding frenzy

Happy new year! To start out 2018, check out this new feature: Mama’s Bookshelf. Want to find the latest in titles on Reproductive Justice, maternity care, midwifery, community birth, and other topics of interest to Mama’s Got a Plan readers? See the Goodreads feed on the upper right side of this page.

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Happy reading!

Ginger Vee goes to the movies

In the early 1990s, the video rental industry flourished. Nevertheless, as is shown here, people still went to the movies.

Just as media formats change yet produce the same effect (consumption!), plots may change yet reflect the same underlying ethos (consumption!).

Take a walk down memory lane with Ginger Vee, her chum Marla, and stick figure screen stars who exist uneasily in their three-dimensional garments.


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Movie: Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991).



Ask the Right Question: The Licensure Question — Friends of Michigan Midwives

Another cartoon in the Ask the Right Question series created for Friends of Michigan Midwives in early 2016! This one is especially pertinent because Mich. HB 4598, a bill to license Certified Professional Midwives, will receive a hearing in the Michigan Senate Health Policy committee on Tuesday, Nov. 29.

If you live in Michigan, or know someone who does, please make your way over to FoMM’s Facebook page for directions on how to help. Take note: If you are disheartened by the election, here’s a way to carry out five minutes of activism that can actually make a difference! 

[Updated July 16, 2016, to add copyright designation.]

via Ask the Right Question: The Licensure Question — Friends of Michigan Midwives

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